9 August 2010

Video Masterclass 4 - Setting

I am all too aware that I have been neglecting the blog for a while.  I have been working on some stories which need a revision or two before I post them here.

While I finish that work I thought it would be a good idea to visit YouTube again for the Scottish Book Trust's  fourth masterclass with Keith Gray.  This video is all about setting - Ever wondered why horror fiction and thunder storms go together? - Keith Gray will explain...

The right setting can shape your story.   The setting can be a character in your story - I have found this to be particularly so in historical fiction.  The right setting adds atmosphere and can add conflict if the need arises.

Whether you like to write what you know and use real settings for your stories, or whether you prefer to create your own settings (to give extreme examples of this; Hogwarts in Harry Potter, or Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings) is up to you.  The two do not have to be mutually exclusive - you can pull from your own knowledge of real places in an imaginary setting, or if you have set your story in New York every place does not have to exist in New York, as long as it is true to the culture of New York. An example of this is Central Perk in friends which is a film set in Los Angeles, but "feels" very New York.

Before I turn you over to Keith Gray here is a quick tip.  Don't overlook the power of Google Earth when researching your settings.

Enjoy the video.

Masterclass 4


There are similar videos on YouTube from Keith Gray and The Scottish Book Trust - but I thought I'd stream this directly from YouTube here for your delectation.  The video is not part of this site and I am not part of the Scottish Book Trust - just a fan of this series.  I hope you enjoy it too.