31 December 2012

Hello 2013 – looking forward to seeing you!

Lots of things did, and didn’t, happen in 2012. We in England hosted the Olympics, and shock/horror, did well. A Brit won a tennis grand slam, and a gold medal. Didn’t see that coming when watching his tears at Wimbledon. The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, and became popular again. William and Kate are having a baby and the Royal succession is guaranteed, irrespective of whether it is a boy or a girl. That’s a first. 

We were engrossed in the third series of Downton Abbey and the Grantham succession was secured too – with a son for cousin Matthew and Lady Mary. Cut to a dubious shot of Matthew driving himself home – have we seen him drive a car before? It didn’t bode well, and the succession is going to have to skip a generation. How will baby Matthew manage from his nursery? We’ll find out in 2013 – so there is much to look forward to.

I started 2012 hardly being able to walk. I’ve come a long way – and I can see that despite the disasters that have fallen on my personal 2012. I was therefore extremely grateful, if not surprised, that the Apocalypse didn’t happen on 21 December when the Mayan calendar ended. My Christmas shopping wasn’t wasted, and I think my luck is turning in time for 2013 – maybe it’s my lucky number. Or I intend to make it so.

I made my resolutions months ago and have already laid much groundwork for 2013. Little things like not being able to walk, or my laptop dying a couple of days after Christmas Day aren’t going to slow down my journey. Mere blips. No hurdle is insurmountable with the right mindset. Our Paralympians will testify to that.  My laptop had the good manners to give up the ghost when the boxing day deals were on - it was my trusty friend even in that. Although I did recover all my data from my old hard drive, please learn from my lesson. If you are a writer – back all up your writing – every day. All hard drives will eventually fail, it is as inevitable as, well, I would say the X factor winner having the Christmas number one, but that didn’t happen either this year...

So my journey is looking good for 2013. I have motivation, and a shiny new red laptop from which my blog posts are now being written. What’s not to like for 2013?

What are your plans for 2013? Are you going to make it as memorable as 2012? Why not share your dreams for 2013 by leaving a comment below?

Happy New Year to you all and I hope it brings you all the joy you could wish for. I’m toasting you with cyber champagne as you read this. Keep well.

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16 December 2012

Determination; Belief; Attitude

These words alone will not get you to where you want to go, but when you can get them working together there is no limit to what you can do. How do you find your determination and belief? How do you sustain them, and how do you make them work for you?

Those of you who read this blog regularly, know that I found my determination through Henry. I was never again going to be in a situation where I had to give up something I loved so much. That determination was initially blind – I had to focus it – work out how I was going to regain control of my life. As I worked out my plan and started to implement it, I began to believe. I started to see results – small steps adding to each other into something meaningful. I knew then that I had the power to change my life; I am not unique – we all have that power. The tricky bit is harnessing that power and using it to propel us on our journey.

Henry - whom I loved and lost
If you want something enough and are prepared to take positive action, then that is the start of your journey. Completing that journey depends on you sustaining that determination. I’ve found that if used properly determination will sustain itself. Seeing results and receiving positive feedback creates more determination, and also belief. As Muhammad Ali said “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

The reason belief can make things happen is because of the change in attitude that it produces. We step out of our comfort zones because we believe we can. We explore the unknown with an infectious enthusiasm which is contagious to others so that we are welcomed there. It is the positive people we are more likely to take notice of – so be that person. That attitude can also help you through the hard times. If you believe in yourself and you receive a rejection, your belief can be the difference between giving up, and completing your journey to success. If you believe, you know that there is a place for your work, and you are determined to find that place – to carve out your own niche. Look at the list of authors who were rejected in a previous post here. You will see authors who are now household names – in fact some of the best-selling authors ever. It wasn’t their talent which was the difference between failure and success – it was their determination, their belief, and their attitude. They saw a way forward long after others may have given up. They saw the doors and gates that may open after others closed – because they believed. As John Stuart Mill once said - “One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who only have interests.”

If you take nothing else from this article - always remember the words of William James, “Belief creates the actual fact.”

Do you believe? Are you determined enough to make it happen? If so my readers and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below – go on – inspire us!

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