About this Site and Me

About this Site

The primary focus of this site is a "journey to the limit of your imagination". We're all on a journey; life's journey. We can drift through life, or we can choose our direction and make it happen. Where you choose to go is limited only by your own imagination.

Follow my journey in this blog, from serious illness, to successful independent woman, and hopefully onward.  I intend to be purposeful, so you can see how I get to where I'm aiming at.  You'll see the pain, the soreness, the tears.  You'll also be there for the results, the joy, and the champagne (if I'm lucky).  I hope you will be inspired.

I'm a writer.  You'll see how I develop my work, and move forward, through adversity.  You don't have to be a writer to follow this blog.  If you would like to be inspired to move your own life and desires to the next level, join me in my journey - we'll make it together.

About Me

I qualified as an employment lawyer in 2002, after having already spent some time litigating legal cases in a quasi legal executive capacity.  I suffered long term illness which has kept me out of the legal profession since 2006.  Before becoming ill I'd had various articles published in local newspapers and regional magazines, and had ghostwritten an article that was published in The Times.  I knew in my heart that I preferred writing to my day job.

After becoming ill I started to explore my love for writing more seriously.  I read texts to improve my writing, and took courses.  I realised I was never a lawyer - I'm a writer, and there is nothing I can do about that; it is my calling.  If you'd like to know more about my journey from lawyer to illness and back again click here, to read my article "what may have saved my life".

Freelance and feature articles are an obsession - after all it is that type of article which drew me into writing.  I'm also working on a novel set in the early 1920's which is feeding my love for history.

My dream is to own a Golden Retriever, although I can never replace Henry.  I like chocolate, red wine and good coffee.  I've held a Koala, and a Python - but not at the same time.  I enjoy music, play the piano a little, and am learning the guitar.  I don't like closed minds, bullies, or Bovril.

I hope you enjoy my blog – thank you for taking time to visit.